Take Action

Let’s join together and save our public services

1. Sign the petition over to the right! The more people we have in support of cutting benefits to bankers, the louder our voices become.
2. Tell your friends. Share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or send them an email and let them know what’s going on!
3. Lobby your MP Send your MP a quick email,  or if you want to be really effective, go to meet him in person or write a personalised letter following our guide ‘How to Lobby Your MP‘. Try and find others in your area to do the same. You could get a group of you together to go and meet your MP. If you do secure a meeting, please get in touch with us!

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The Licence to Print Money

We’ve given the banks a real-life licence to print money. And they’ve used this to blow up the economy and pass the costs back onto ordinary people.

We all know it’s illegal to print your own fivers or tenners at home. But when a bank creates money, they don’t print it on paper bank notes – they just type numbers into your bank account (which is just a record in a computer database). This type of money is just digital, just numbers in an account. And because the laws that govern money haven’t been updated since 1844, there’s no law against the banks creating this type of digital money.

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The Bailouts

Banks used their power to create money effectively out of nothing to pump hundreds of billions into risky mortgages and push the prices of housing out of reach of ordinary people.


The authorities had designed some rules and regulations to stop this process getting out of hand. But the banks found clever ways around the these rules.  By late 2007, the amount of money they were creating each year was completely out of control.

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