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Let’s join together and save our public services

1. Sign the petition over to the right! The more people we have in support of cutting benefits to bankers, the louder our voices become.
2. Tell your friends. Share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or send them an email and let them know what’s going on!
3. Lobby your MP Send your MP a quick email,  or if you want to be really effective, go to meet him in person or write a personalised letter following our guide ‘How to Lobby Your MP‘. Try and find others in your area to do the same. You could get a group of you together to go and meet your MP. If you do secure a meeting, please get in touch with us!

4. Support the Campaign with a one-off or monthly contribution. If we succeed in cutting benefits for bankers, we could save up to £100bn a year for UK taxpayers, or provide that much extra funding for public services. Sound like a good investment? Make a donation now.

5. What next? Advocacy, distributing materials, contacting groups in your area, volunteering your skills, click here and find out more!

Can you think of another way you can help? Please email us at info [at] onegoodcut [dot] org if you have something in mind.

What’s the Long-term Plan?

The government is currently looking to an Independent Commission on Banking it has set up in response to the recent financial crisis to provide it with policy recommendations. The Commission will report back in the Autumn. Following this the discussions will begin over what is to be done with our banking system. Until then we need to make sure our MPs are ready and understand the problems with our current banking system the way it is, and how we can fix it and save money at the same time.

The members of the banking commission are

Sir John Vickers (CTR) – Chief Economist at the Bank of England and a member of the Monetary Policy Committee from 1998-2000; Director General/Chairman of the Office of Fair Trading from 2000-05; and President of the Royal Economic Society from 2007-10.

Clare Spottiswoode – Policyholder Advocate for Aviva and trained as an economist.

Martin Wolf (BR) – Chief Economics Commentator at the Financial Times and widely considered one of the world’s foremost economics writers

Bill Winters (BL) – CEO of JP Morgan from 2003-2010

Martin Taylor (TR) – chief executive of Barclays plc. from 1994 to 1998, and an international adviser to Goldman Sachs from 1999 to 2005.

rak0smiwWe’ll also need to put pressure on George Osborne, the current Chancellor. He’s the person holding the purse strings and he and those at the top of government will make the eventual decision as to what we do with the banks. With the kind of policies we’ve seen come out of this government so far, we’ll have a hard fight on our hands to prevent a return to business as usual for the banks. We will need to pressure the government into doing what is best for the people instead of the banks.

What can you do to help?

Until the Independent Commission on Banking has reported and discussion of what the government will do begins, the best thing you can do is to spread the ideas you have been reading and hearing about as widely as possible.

We need to make sure that the government does what is best for the people, and the best way to be heard is to speak up!